Elite 2 Butt & 2 Shaft Tube Style Case


Spacious pockets, quick lock snaps, 2 carrying handles, and shoulder strap. Affordable elegance, substance, and style

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Shape- Oval 2 x 2
Material-Synthetic leather crocodile design
Pockets- 3, the larger pocket is 16 inches in length and has a jumper butt pocket on the side. The top pocket also has a cell phone pocket on it.
Base- 4 black plastic feet
Length- 34″
Structure- Separate plastic tubes
Lining- Felt/soft cloth
Direction- Shaft inserts tip down
Butt inserts either direction
Length- Fits up to 30.5″ shaft

Comments from our store:

This case has a high end feel without the high end price. A perfect home for your favorite cues.