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Roberts’s no-nonsense approach continued with his son, Brad, who learned at a young age what makes all brands of pool tables tick, and the right ways to service them. Over twenty years later, Brad now ensures that all of Ac-Cue-Rate’s service technicians and sales staff receive the same type of comprehensive training, with some modern updates.

Ac-Cue-Rate has a year-round, in-house, fully trained service crew that is intimately familiar with the rigors of pool table construction and service. We do our best to ensure that our rigorous standards of quality standards are maintained.

Quality and Commitment:

Along with exceptional service, we at Ac-Cue-Rate are devoted to providing the finest quality products the world market has to offer, at reasonable prices. Our knowledge and expertise help us to choose brands that may not always be the most recognizable but are sure to offer great value in their price range with regard to form and function.

We realize that come summer time, your pool table doesn’t just go away. We are a year-round billiard company that does not switch over our product line as the seasons change and we have a personal commitment to insuring that we will always be available, winter, spring, summer or fall, to service all your game room needs.

We realize our approach to providing the highest quality goods and services does not always allow us to offer the lowest prices for every product we sell. However, we are confident in the fact that the way we stand behind the fine products and service we offer adds value that can not be measured by price alone.

World class service from highly trained and experienced technicians and sales staff.


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Young Brad testing out a table

My interest and love for the game of pool began way back when I was about 10 years old playing in my grandfather’s basement on his Sears pool table which had a wooden bed instead of slate. A few years later I started to help my father in his billiard sales and service company, doing everything from refurbishing antique pool tables to repairing cue sticks using a metal-turning lathe.

My father taught me everything he learned from his uncle, who was a past president of the game’s governing body, the Billiard Congress of America. This not only included a detailed knowledge of the workings of a great many makes and models of pool tables out there, it also included a meticulous attention to detail and the highest regard for quality.

As for my experience playing the game, after I attained a business degree in college, I became an avid amateur player. Playing in many leagues and tournaments helped me to understand what both the average and advanced player looked for in their equipment. While I became a decent pool player and achieved a fair amount of success that way, my real talent and love for the game has always been and will always be more focused toward working on pool tables rather than playing on them.

During my thirty year history as part of this company I have installed and serviced thousands of pool tables and the knowledge and experience I’ve gained during that time enables me to insure that we continue to offer the highest quality products and service possible. I try to stick to the tried-and-true methods I learned from my father as a basic guideline, but I am also always looking for more modern and improved ways of doing things if they can increase quality and offer better value to our customers.

My promise to all who give us the opportunity to serve them is that we will always do our best to offer the highest quality products and service and make every effort to insure 100% customer satisfaction.