Thinking about selling or consigning your pool table? We’ll handle it!

Sell your table outright.

We can offer you a fair price for your table, and will pick it up – no mess, no hassle!

Sell your table on consignment

We still pick up your table and make repairs in our shop (new rubber, cloth, etc.). The table is then displayed in the showroom. Once it’s sold and delivered, we send you a check for the agreed upon amount.

Pool table requirements

Must be 3-piece slate. One piece slate tables are very heavy and difficult to move.
Table should have leather pockets.
A name brand such as Olhausen, Brunswick, Vitalie, Golden West, etc.
Table location is within 30 miles of our Pelham, NH showroom

We accept all sizes of tables (7ft, 8ft, & 9ft)

The selling process is easy! Just send us the following information about your table:

Photos. Pictures of the legs, body, and rails.
Brand (generally, there is a name plate on the rail)
Size. If unsure about size, measure the distance inside rail to rail on the short side.

7ft should measure 39″, 8ft = 44″, and 9ft = 50″.

Location – Town & State
Floor in the house
Accessories – Are there any additional items you’re selling with your table?
Additional information – What else should we know about your table?

Extra information might include the age of the table, type of wood, known damage, or anything else that might help us value your table.

We will respond with a price we are willing to pay. If we’re not interested, we’ll still refer you to other options.

    Please list any accessories you'd like to sell with your table.

    First Image - Whole table - Body / surface

    (3MB maximum file size, .jpg format suggested)

    Second Image - Side / legs

    (3MB maximum file size, .jpg format suggested)

    Third Image - Surface & rails

    (3MB maximum file size, .jpg format suggested)