Where’s table going?

The chart below will help you decide what area in your home can accommodate a full-size pool table. The most common size being produced by most manufacturers is the 8’ size, or 44” x 88” playing surface. Larger and smaller sizes are available, but not from all makers and not in all models. If you are searching for a professional size 9’ table, you may find a great value in a pre-owned model, or if style/finish, etc. are more important, consider a custom-built table from A.E. Schmidt. The 8’ size will generally give you the most choices in terms of price range and availability.

Table Size Full Length 58″ Cue 52″ Cue 48″ Cue


14’2″ x 18’4″

13’2″ x 17’4″

12’5″ x 16’8″


13’10” x 17’8″

12’10” x 16’8″

12’2″ x 16′

Home Sizea

13’8″ x 17’4″

12’8″ x 16’4″

12′ x 15’4″


13’4″ x 16’8″

12’4″ x 15’8″

11’8″ x 15″

How do I choose a pool table?

There are several questions you can answer that can give you an idea of whether you should consider buying new or used and also what style or brands to explore.

Who’s going to play on it?

If the answer is the kids or grandkids, you might consider one of our restored pre-owned tables. They can offer the quality construction and playability you may want without a new expensive high-grade furniture finish that would discourage you from letting the kids play too. If you need something near industrial strength, check out a used commercial-style table or entry level new table with laminate rails and plastic drop pockets. If the only players will be responsible adults or avid pool fans, there are many other options to consider (see below).

Do you have specific style or design requirements?

If you need a custom finish or want a certain look to complement the surrounding décor, more than likely a new table will best suit your needs. Our American custom pool table manufacturer, A.E. Schmidt, offers a nearly endless array of leg styles, woods, finishes, and custom options to match or contrast any room décor. You can also special order a table in any size, so that the table can go almost anywhere you want (see room size chart below). If you want a table with finish and design options but don’t quite have a custom table budget, consider our Imperial or Prestige models. These tables offer the highest import furniture quality in a variety of finishes and designs at a mid price point.

What’s your budget for a pool table?

At Ac-Cue-Rate we don’t have a lot of hidden or added charges that increase the prices of our tables, so you get more value for you dollar. Many of our tables include delivery in the local area and since we do all our own installations, most include setup as well. We even offer a starter kit that includes balls, cues , and more so that you have what you need to play. That being said, we have tables in a broad array price points both new and used, so you’ll probably be able to find something you can afford. At the lower price points you may be surprised to find that after you consider all the costs involved, some of our new tables are priced competitively with many of the used tables people are selling. Our line of pre-owned tables are priced to offer exceptional value considering they include any needed restoration, such as cushions/cloth/pockets, etc., professional installation by our qualified staff, and a one-year warranty.